How I Spent Under $604 USD on Flights to Visit 5 European Countries from Las Vegas | Budget Traveling

After close to a year of working full-time at corporate, I accrued about two weeks of Paid-Time-Off that I was able to use this June 2017. As someone that embraces budget traveling, I wondered what would be the best deal I could find flying out from Las Vegas to visit a few countries in Europe. It seemed to be quite a challenge since traveling in the summer is usually more costly than usual. Read on to find some travel tips that helped me find flights to visit 5 European countries from Las Vegas for under $60 USD.

1. Is the city I am in offering the cheapest flight to the desired destination?

When I lived in New York City, flying to Europe was super cheap. I was able to to purchase flights to and from Europe for $309 USD. After moving to Las Vegas, prices are a lot higher in comparison. Looking at return flights to Europe for June 2017 cost about $1,200 on average. The “explore destinations” function on Google Flights allows you to look at neighboring places and its ticket prices. Soon, I realized flying from Los Angeles is much cheaper than flying out from Las Vegas.

2. Round-trip tickets or one-way tickets?

As convenient as round-trip tickets are, you’ll be surprised at the great deals you can find exploring one-way options. To get to Europe, I purchased a one-way ticket from Las Vegas to Los Angeles for just $39. Then another one-way Wow Air ticket from Los Angeles to Keflavik, then Dusseldorf, for $199. This route gave me a 16-hour layover in Keflavik, which was enough time for me to make a stop to the Blue Lagoon! After much research I was able to find a one-way ticket from Cologne, Germany, back to Las Vegas for only $248, which eliminates the hassle of 2 connecting flights on my way home.

In short, for $486 USD I was able to fly from LV, to LA, hang out in Iceland for a day, before starting my vacation in Germany!

3. Explore different flight routes to see how low the prices can go.

After figuring out how to get to and back from Europe, I searched for flights to fill my vacation. Since I don’t want to spend my whole two weeks in Germany, I explored various routes to see what cheap flights were available. With budget airlines like Ryan Air or EasyJet, there were cheap tickets to numerous countries I could select from.

The trick is to think of a list countries/cities you wish to visit (keep an open mind and be flexible) and see which options are cheaper. This trip, I decided on Bordeaux, Milan, and Porto. Then see in which order you travel gives you the best prices. Is it cheaper to fly from Porto, to Milan, then Bordeaux? Or is it cheaper the other way around? Play around with your search to minimize your costs!

In my case, I found it cheapest to first fly to Milan, then Bordeaux, and then Porto. The one-way flight to Milan was $14, Bordeaux was $19, Porto was $36, then back to Germany for $49. All six flights together only cost me $604 USD!

4. Travel light.

Just keep in mind that budget airlines make you pay for check-in luggages. Packing light saves you a ton of money on your travels… except EuroWing, this airline allows a free check-in luggage so I can bring all the souvenirs home to Vegas with no extra cost!

5. Ebates gives you cash back through Expedia,, and more.

Besides seeking promo codes or hot travel deals, I’ve recently learned that Ebates offer rebate to those who use Expedia to book flights or hotels. All you need to do is create an Ebates account on its website, then search for Expedia and click on the link. It refers you to the Expedia website but it keeps track of your spending to give you cash back. You can sign up for Ebates here.

The percentage may change over time. It ranges from 4%-10% depending on the type of purchase.




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