Corporate Life Shouldn’t Stop You From Traveling

After graduation, I spent about a year and a half bartending. I would rack the tips I made and take off for a month or two at a time. Each trip I’d visit a list of countries I’ve never been to before. I love traveling; I love experiencing new cultures and trying new cuisines. Over time, the bartending lifestyle felt repetitive and I saw no room for professional growth. It took me some time to realize that all the money I made and the flexible work schedule didn’t make me happy. I had strong ambitions to enter the corporate-world to test my capacities, even if it meant it was time to stop traveling.

I don’t regret starting my full-time job. In fact, I enjoy it a lot as I am learning a tremendous amount. Yet I find myself day-dreaming often… I see myself exploring freely in Asia or Europe with no set destination in mind- I miss that feeling of freedom and spontaneity.

As my one year anniversary with the company is coming closer, I’ve accrued up to two weeks of Paid-Time-Off to use in June 2017. I was able to plan a trip to 5 countries for under $660! I don’t know why I so naturally assumed that working for corporate meant traveling is impossible. I see executives of the company take vacations for a reasonable amount of time throughout the year. There are also those who choose to cash out their vacation hours because they wouldn’t let go of their work.


Corporate life doesn’t stop you from traveling. After all, it’s up to you to make it happen.

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