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12 Reasons Why You Should Make Poland Your Next Travel Destination

There are plenty of travel articles out there that emphasize the attractions of many European cities like Paris, London, Rome, etc. These popular cities tend to be congested with tourists upon visit- not to mention the high prices on flights, accommodation, and other expenditures. One…

Europe Poland

Bernard Piwiarnia Restauracja, Wroclaw

This restaurant can be found right in the Old Town Square of Wroclaw. The seating was comfortable; my friend and I were sat at a table with mini armchairs. Lights are dimmed and I saw a lot of couples…

Europe Poland

The Best Duck Breast in Gdansk, Poland

Prologue is rated #1 on TripAdvisor of restaurants in Gdansk. Service here was excellent. I was greeted by a young male waiter who offered to take my coat before I got seated. The design of the interior is very homey. Filled with bricks and greens,…

Europe Poland

Specialty Shots for Just $1.25; Gdansk, Poland

No to Cyk, Gdansk Possibly the cheapest bar I’ve ever been to… ever. There’s no extravagant sign or banner outside of the bar, so it is easy to walk right pass it. Once you step into the entrance the bar…

Europe Poland

Cafe Ferber, Gdansk

For a nicely decorated place to enjoy a cup of cappuccino or just a place to have lunch/dinner, Cafe Ferber may be your choice. This red-themed cafe is decked out with modern lights but classical paintings. For drinks, I…

Europe Poland

Fontanna Neptuna, Gdansk

A beautiful fountain can be found in the Old Town of Gdansk. Neptune Fountain has been around since the 17th century. Location: Długi Targ, 80-833 Gdańsk…