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Europe Poland

Bernard Piwiarnia Restauracja, Wroclaw

This restaurant can be found right in the Old Town Square of Wroclaw. The seating was comfortable; my friend and I were sat at a table with mini armchairs. Lights are dimmed and I saw a lot of couples…

Europe Poland

Specialty Shots for Just $1.25; Gdansk, Poland

No to Cyk, Gdansk Possibly the cheapest bar I’ve ever been to… ever. There’s no extravagant sign or banner outside of the bar, so it is easy to walk right pass it. Once you step into the entrance the bar…

Colombia South America

Bogota Beer Company

Bogota Beer Company costs a bit more compared to typical restaurants and bars in Bogota. I am paying New York prices when a local place would be many times cheaper. The prices are a bit higher than what you…

North America United States

The Gin Joint, Charleston, SC

This bar may be hard to find since it’s located behind a metal black fence and you have to walk a few steps in before you see the entrance. An intimate and small bar yet it’s fully packed with…

Europe Scotland

The Queens Arm, Edinburgh

A nice decorative spot to catch up with friends, watch football (or us Americans call it “soccer”), or grab a bite over some drinks. Since we’re in Scotland we decided to Scotch it up and ordered three different types of whiskys.…

Europe Germany

Et Kabüffke, Düsseldorf

The ambiance of Et Kabüffke is very unique. There are dated and elaborate designs on the wall and ceiling in dull colors. A sophisticated chandelier of an angel holding torches dangles gracefully from the ceiling. There aren’t too many seats by the…