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Colombia South America

Celebrity Moments in Bogota, Colombia

My five-day solo trip to Bogota was one of the most adventurous trips I’ve done so far. It was difficult to communicate with others because not too many people spoke English (not even my hotel front desk agents). Everyone was pretty…

Colombia South America

Bogota Street Food

I bought an empanada off the street for 1,500 pesos. There were many sauces on the table for you to use, be careful what you use and the amount you use because one of them almost killed me-super spicy!…

Colombia South America

Museo Botero, Bogota

This place is filled with paintings done by Fernando Botero. Fernando Botero is famous for his painting style; he paints in a fat way! Everything he draws/paints seems chubbier than usual… it is super cute. Location: Calle 11 No. 4-41,…

Colombia South America

The Beer Wagon, Bogota

To check out the night view of Bogota, drive up a mountain and settle at “The Beer Wagon”. The view was amazing… You can see all of Bogota from the outdoor (and some indoor) seating. My friend ordered a hot chocolate…

Colombia South America

La Villa, Bogota

Every Tuesday, people from all over the world gathers in this particular spot in Bogota. This event is called “Gringo Tuesday” From 5-9pm, chairs are set up in multiple circular form; in the center of each circle is a…

Colombia South America

The Monserrate, Bogota

Whether you’re athletic or not, the Monserrate is a must-see in Bogota. Uber or Taxi do drop offs at the Tram Station; cars can’t drive up the mountain. But the line for the tram can get really really long… So a lot…