Colombia South America

The Beer Wagon, Bogota

To check out the night view of Bogota, drive up a mountain and settle at “The Beer Wagon”. The view was amazing… You can see all of Bogota from the outdoor (and some indoor) seating.


My friend ordered a hot chocolate and taught me to break the cheese into piece, and then throw it into the hot beverage. It was a new eating-style I was never exposed to. He instructed that I wait around 10 seconds for the cheese to melt in the hot cocoa before I scoop it and eat it. You should’ve seen my reaction because it grossed me out when I heard it. I was hesitant to try it but it wasn’t bad tasting. I love how cultures eat the same foods differently in all sorts of combinations.


Then I had a Colombian style bar sampler with “cheese triangles” (aka softer version or mozzarella sticks in a triangle), chicken, steak, calamari, and fries. Everything was quite dry except for the cheese triangles and steak; I didn’t care for anything else I had.

Location: Kilometro 4.5 Via la Calera, Bogota, Colombia

Cost: 79,800 pesos, which was $27 including taxes and service fees.

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