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Colombia South America

The Beer Wagon, Bogota

To check out the night view of Bogota, drive up a mountain and settle at “The Beer Wagon”. The view was amazing… You can see all of Bogota from the outdoor (and some indoor) seating. My friend ordered a hot chocolate…

Colombia South America

La Villa, Bogota

Every Tuesday, people from all over the world gathers in this particular spot in Bogota. This event is called “Gringo Tuesday” From 5-9pm, chairs are set up in multiple circular form; in the center of each circle is a…

Colombia South America

The Monserrate, Bogota

Whether you’re athletic or not, the Monserrate is a must-see in Bogota. Uber or Taxi do drop offs at the Tram Station; cars can’t drive up the mountain. But the line for the tram can get really really long… So a lot…