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What Can You Buy For 99 Cents? Access to the Gold Museum of Bogota, Colombia!

All gold lovers will adore this museum in Bogota of Colombia; the Museo del Oro (the Gold Museum) attract visitors from all over the globe. This museum offers a wide range of knowledge and history in gold, metal, platinum, and more.


Explore different regions of Colombia and see how gold and other materials are discovered and used in different time periods. But be prepared to be dazzled at “The Offering Room”! Step inside and wait until the door close behind you. This room gives you a demonstration of how gold was used in Colombian rituals. The presentation starts with pitch darkness, and light slowly glows across the room, revealing a panoramic view of various gold objects, sparkling in dim light.

So many beautiful objects fill this place… but nothing beats the price!! For just $1 US dollar grants to access to all four floors of the museum.

gold muse7

gold muse


Location: Cra. 6 #1588, Bogotá, Colombia

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 9am-7pm; Sunday 7am-5pm; Closed Mondays. 

Cost: 3,000 Colombian Pesos (aprox. $1USD); Free on Sundays.

Side Note: All the displays in the museum have English captions for tourists

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