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Ice Cream Spots for Under $1 in Lima, Peru

Walking down the streets of Lima, ice creams shops can be found almost anywhere. Fortunately for me (unfortunately for my stomach), I went to plenty of ice cream spots around the city! Here is a list of places in Lima to find ice cream for under a dollar:

1. Ice Pop at Polvos Azules Shopping Center


There are 9 flavors to choose from: vanilla, strawberry, banana, blueberry, cotton candy, chocolate, mint, orange, and cappuccino. For 3 soles, you can choose 3 flavors of your choice to create your own rainbow ice cream with a waffle cone- that is just around 90 cents in USD! This was so much fun to eat and take photos with… Totally insta-worthy!

2. The chain of ice cream shops by the Cathedral of Lima


Just keep walking, you’ll find it. Most of the local shops all sell the same ice cream out of yellow containers, so you might as well picked the one that sell it for the lowest price. This local shop sold us two balls of ice cream for just 2 soles- that’s only 60 cents. O. M. G.

3. Bembos, all around town


At this point, I realized ice cream is everywhere and the prices seem to get lower and lower. The sign states it all… a small soft-served ice cream for 1 soles! I’ve never seen ice cream cones for just 30 cents please let me live here in Lima forever.

4. Mini ice cream strollers on the streets


Vendors in bright yellow shirts pushing small ice cream carts can be found on many main roads. They offer ice cream sandwiches and varieties of popsicles. I needed to cool down from walking in the sun, so I picked up an ice cream sandwich for 1 sole. I gave up counting my calories.



Author’s Note: Stop counting your calories and indulge in all the cheap ice cream you can find in Lima. I’ve never had so much dairy in my life. I hope my friends can recognize me when I return home.



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