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Zombie Apolocalypse Hits Bogota? Race to the Centro Comercial Titan Plaza

If the Zombie Apocalypse hits Bogota and you’re staying at a flimsy hostel, make your way to the Titan Plaza Centro Comercial fast! Being the third largest shopping center in Bogota, the Centro Comercial Titan Plaza has 38 escalators built within. There are four levels of shops and 7 levels of business offices. You can find anything you need: food, clothing, radios, weapons, and anything else you can think of. This is the ultimate safety house if you can manage to lock all the exits before it gets infested with walkers.

The elevated glass windows give you a clear view of the outside scenery so you’d still feel connected to the world- and keep watch of any unwanted visitors. There is a lovely outdoor terrace on the roof with a calming view of the mountains, as well as a huge fountain where you can take a dip or do some laundry- whatever you want to make of it.






On a more serious note (not that the Zombie Apocalypse isn’t serious, of course), there are approximately 220 shops where you can go on a crazy shopping spree without relocating to a different outlet. This is the perfect place to take advantage of the great USD to Colombian Peso exchange rate at the moment; $1USD for 3,093.49 Colombian Pesos as of April 8th, 2016.


Location: Calle 80 and Avenida Boyacá

Side Note: Uber in Colombia is available and super cheap.

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