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Celebrity Moments in Bogota, Colombia

My five-day solo trip to Bogota was one of the most adventurous trips I’ve done so far. It was difficult to communicate with others because not too many people spoke English (not even my hotel front desk agents). Everyone was pretty much Spanish, as I realized Bogota was not a very diverse place.
As a Hong-Kong born Chinese walking down the streets of Bogota, I got a lot of attention from the locals. Everywhere I went I would hear Spanish citizens whispering aloud, “China! China! China!” On my first day of the trip, I remember I was hiking the Monserrate when two young men approached me. I couldn’t comprehend what they were saying, and I was terrified when one of them reached into their pockets (all the terror stories my Colombian friends told me before my trip were getting to my head)… To my surprise he pulled out a digital camera and they only wanted to take photos with me.


This has never happened to me before on my travels so I wasn’t expecting it. For the rest of the trip, I got use to people coming up to me for photos… I got a little taste of what it’s like to be a mini celebrity, hahaha!


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