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Bogota Beer Company

Bogota Beer Company costs a bit more compared to typical restaurants and bars in Bogota. I am paying New York prices when a local place would be many times cheaper. The prices are a bit higher than what you would find in a Buffalo Wild Wings, but this place is almost more upscale and has better decor.

I got the beer sampler, and I got to try five beers:

  1. Cajica Miel
  2. BBC Lager
  3. BacatΓ‘ Blanca
  4. Monserrate Roja
  5. Chapineo Porter

I also shared a beerΒ sampler with a few of my friends. Something thatΒ stood out to me was the onion rings, it was topped with I think a balsamic glaze… so tasty!



Location:Β Carrera 5 #71a-75, Bogota, Colombia

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