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Discover Utah’s Natural Beauty at Bryce National Park

One does not need to be an outdoor person to be captivated by the scenery at Bryce. For those who love the nature, numerous hiking trails and campsites are available at this National Park.

For each private vehicle there is a $30 entrance fee that grants you 7-day access. I started my trip at Sunset Point where I found available parking space I followed the signs that led me to the trails- to my surprise, I was instantly rewarded with a magnificent view!


From where I was, I could see a full landscape of sandy-colored hoodoos that were influenced and formed by erosion. The spire of rocks spread all along and below the rim trail. It was a unique form of beauty, not the typical city-view with handsome buildings and bright neon lights I am used to. Pictures simply don’t do Bryce justice.




My traveling partner and I chose to hike the Peekaboo Loop Trail. From Sunset Point down to the Peekaboo Loop and back, it took us 3.5 hours (including the many, many breaks we took). Rocks found within the park each have their own personality. Some are publicly recognized already, like the Thor’s Hammer (which I feel looks nothing like it), or the Alligator. My friend and I discovered a huge rock that looked like a guinea pig.


The Guinea Pig Rock that my friend and I found. Do you see it?


Seen on route at the Peekaboo Loop Trail.

This trip was different compared to my usual adventures. I disconnected myself from the outside world- not once did I check my work mail nor Facebook. With modern technologies so involved in our daily routine, it is difficult to withdraw from it sometimes. But I encourage you to do so, and see what nature has to offer. It’s a feeling like no other.


Location: Utah 84764

Fees: $30 per private vehicle, and $25 per motorcycle.

Side Note: Horse Trails are available for reservations.

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