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The Jean Talon Market of Montreal, Quebec

For fresh groceries and delicious foods, Jean Talon Market is a lighthearted pleasure. In this market you can find maple syrup/butter, fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, seafood, cheeses, cured meats, raw meats, flowers, and much more.


I stopped by a cheese shop to pick out a few to bring home. The workers there are very friendly and are there to help you find the right cheeses that fit your taste. With the worker’s guidance, I picked out a brie that’s not way to soft with a mushroom-like after taste. Another one was a firm cheese with a light stink and earthy characteristics. The cheese can only last around 2 to 3 hours without refrigeration, but it takes me 6 hours to drive home. The workers at the seafood shop will gladly give you ice for free out of the goodness of their hearts. This way, your cheese can survive the long drive home. With a short visit at this shop I feel like I gained a bit more cheese knowledge already!

After the mini cheese tasting I went ahead and looked for cure meats to make the perfect cheese & meats platter at home. I settled with some salami and Figatelli. You can taste the meats before you purchase them.



If you get hungry walking around, there are fresh fruit juice stands and food stalls for a quick bite. I bought a liter of Grand Vert (Big Green) which is a juice freshly squeezed from kale, parsley, apples, celery, and spinach for $7.15 USD/$9.50 Canadian dollars. Three pork tacos can be purchased for $3.75 USD/$5 Canadian dollars. The pork tacos are made with soft warm corn tortillas. Topped a black bean spread, marinated shredded pork, onions, and a hint of specialty spicy sauce. It just melts in your mouth… I don’t think I’ve ever had such tasty tacos for this low price! I’m definitely heading back one day just for the tacos.


Location: 7070 Avenue Henri Julien, Montréal, QC H2S 3S3, Canada

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