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The Gin Joint, Charleston, SC

This bar may be hard to find since it’s located behind a metal black fence and you have to walk a few steps in before you see the entrance. An intimate and small bar yet it’s fully packed with a wide selection of different alcohols. Here you can purchase specialty bitters and other flavorings to work on your own drinks at home.

If you can’t decide on a drink then let the bartender decide for you! You can pick two notes of your choice like floral, vegetal, sweet, strong, herbal, etc, and the bartender will come up with something for you.


The Gin Joint offers great cocktails.


I got the manchego cheese plate; so good.

Location: 182 E Bay St, Charleston, SC 29401, United States

Cost: The drinks are around $10 and the cheese plates are only $6!

Recommendation: Whirly Bird (if you’re into sweet drinks) was my favorite drink & the cheese plate is wonderful.

Side note: Food available

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