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Visit Rick Grimes’ House in Atlanta, Georgia

For all the Walking Dead fans out there, let’s rewind and go all the way back to the very, very beginning. In Season 1’s first episode, “Days Gone Bye”, Rick Grimes was shot on duty as Sheriff and sent to the hospital. He woke up from his coma to a post-zombie-apocalyptic world. He escaped the hospital filled with the undead craving for human flesh, and then he rushed home to find a deserted house without his loved ones.

There are plenty of Walking Dead filming locations to visit in Atlanta- one of them would be Rick Grimes’ House as seen in the very first episode. Rick’s house is located right across from Grant Park on Cherokee Avenue. This is the perfect little stop on a sunny day for all Walking Dead lovers. Beware! The house is supervised by a a security company… So I wouldn’t advise stepping onto the property. No one wants to be in trouble for trespassing now, right?



After a few photos outside of the house (cause after all that’s all you can really do) make your way to Zoo Atlanta- it is conveniently a few minutes away by foot. Or  just take a stroll along the park… Try to find the place where Rick encountered the horrific female zombie with organ trails and missing lower half while he was making his way home from the hospital.


Address: 817 Cherokee Avenue SE, Atlanta, GA 30315, USA

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