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Saturday Night in Vegas for Hip Hop Fans: Drai’s Beach Club Nightclub

It’s Saturday night in Vegas and you’re not really in the mood for Electric Dance Music. You’re looking for some Hip Hop to get your twerk on, but where can you go?

Located conveniently on The Strip is the Drai’s Beach Club Nightclub on top of the Cromwell Hotel. Besides hosting a day time beachclub, Drai’s features the hottest R&B/Hip Hop artists every Saturday. Find artists like Trey Songz, Big Sean, lil’ Wayne, DJ Khaled, Rae Sremmurd, and much more- you can check out their events calendar.

Thanks to a good friend, I was able to experience a Saturday night at Drai’s with Chris Brown as the performing artist.

There were different queues for General Admission and Table Service. To accommodate the rowdy crowd, the table hosts were extremely straight-forward.

With a friend’s little connection, I was able to skip the queue and I went up to the club after a short wait.

Drai’s has two main sections, an outdoor and indoor area. The outdoor space has multiple pools/Jacuzzi and numerous cabanas for VIP bottle services. There is a spectacular view of the Strip with the Bellagio Fountain up-close and fully visible.


The indoor section of the club has a stage and a standing zone for fans to see the concert. Surrounding the standing zone are tables for bottle service. As a Chris Brown fans, it was no hesitation to head directly towards the stage. The indoor area isn’t too big, which means you can get a fairly decent view of the performing artist if you decide to hang around the indoor section of the club.

I got into the club approximately 1am, and finally Chris Brown came on stage 30 minutes later. There were special effects to make the concert entertaining along with the artist’s performance, like confetti, fire sparks, smoke, etc (check out the concert videos at the bottom of the post). Do not be surprised to experience constant pushing, fans arguing, or champagne showers from the VIP section. If you don’t like the artist enough, it might not be worth it to stand in a suffocating room full of intoxicated people.

The concert lasted a whole hour. Tickets to the club ranges for $30-$60 depending on the performer, and females typically can purchase discounted tickets. Considering how close I was to the stage last night, I must say it is really worth your buck to see a concert at Drai’s. For the same distance from the stage at one of Chris Brown’s concerts on tour, they are easily $500 to over $1,000.


Overall: WORTH IT.

Pros: Spectacular view of the Strip, opportunity see your favorite artist up-close for a lot cheaper than a regular concert ticket, great concert effects

Cons: Disorganized queues, rude staff, crowds can get rowdy

Notes: Table services typically range from $1,500- $8,000



Videos of the performance:

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