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Denny’s- Restaurant Review, Chicago

It was past midnight when we visited this place. It took us a while to get seated. The restaurant was short on staff. There were two servers and a bus boy but the restaurant was packed. It took a long time to get our orders in.


Our food was not hot, but because we waited so long for food it was very satisfying. The mash potatoes was bland so I didn’t touch it after the first bite. The mac and cheese was decent,
and my steak is comparable to what you would get in Applebee’s.


Our meal was around $40 including tips. I don’t recommend this place. Slow service and poor food quality though it’s a good late night spot since nothing else is opened. This place has a lengthy menu with that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert at any time of the day. But since this place it open 24 hours, it would be an ideal place to visit after an intensive night of drinking.



Locations: 2447 Mannheim Rd, Franklin Park, IL 60131

Cost: $$

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