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Bryant Park, New York City

Living in a city where cost of living seems so much higher than many other countries I’ve visited, I take advantage of things I can do without spending money.

Bryant Park is located right behind the New York Public Library. There are public seating everywhere- some even with umbrellas to hide from the sun or rain. This park is surrounded by beautiful tall buildings with unique architecture.

Within the park there is an ice skating rink opened from late October to Early March. Admission is free, but skates rental is $19. It may be difficult for city visitors to bring their own skates, but locals can find a pair of skates online from $30-$80. So the cost of renting out skates two times is already enough to get a pair of private skates.


Next to the ice skating rink there is a mini carousel for children. Maybe adults too? Haha. The cost of the ride is $3. Walk around some more to find bars and restaurants. This park may not be as grand as Central Park, but it is located right on 5th Avenue. After a nice stroll around the park, ice skating, and a beer at the bar, make your way down the Avenue and start shopping! Find Applestore, Abercrombie & Fitch, Bulgari, Kate Spade, Zara, and so much more.


Here is the full list of 5th Avenue shops:

Address: Bryant Park, New York, NY, United States

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