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Wheel of Vision, Düsseldorf

This ferris wheel is a temporary attraction in Düsseldorf. October 23rd, 2015 was the grand opening day, and the wheel will continue to operate until January 10th, 2016. From the ride you can see the Rhine river, Rhine Tower, the Rheinknie Bridge, and the surrounding structures.


Each cart fits around 6 people; you are excepted to share the cart if you are of a small party. All the carts are numbered, starting with 2 and consecutively on. There is no number “1” cart because it is replaced with the “VIP” label. On this special cart, you can make special requests. You can reserve for brunch, or plan your own event. All the requests could be sent to and the staff will try their best to accommodate your desires.


View from the Wheel of Vision II


View from the Wheel of Vision III

Location: Burgplatz, Düsseldorf

Prices: 7,50€ for adults, and 5€ for children

Duration: Aproxmicately 12 minutes


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