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The Witches’ Bridge of St. Mary Magdalene Church & Its Myth

The St. Mary Magdalene is an aged gothic church located in the Old Town of Wroclaw. There are two towers within the structure, and there is a bridge that connects the two- the Witches’ Bridge. The myth is, souls of flirtatious women that neglected the priority of marriage and raising children are trapped on the bridge. As a punishment of being reckless and playful, they are forced to sweep the bridge to this very day.


For 5 zloty (aprox. $1.31 USD), you can purchase a ticket that grants you access to the Witches’ Bridge. There are no elevators and the towers are 45 meters high. The stairway to the bridge is shabby and damaged- it appears to be poorly maintained or maybe not maintained at all. It has also been taken over by an army of pigeons. Beware of bird droppings- unfortunately, I experienced it first hand.

Depending on your speed or fear of heights, it can take over 10 minutes to climb to the top. But the view is worth it. You can see the Old Town and the Town Hall on one side, and the oldest part of Wroclaw, Ostrów Tumski, on the other.



Location: Szewska 10, 50-122 Wrocław, Poland

Cost: 5 zloty (aprox. $1.31 USD)

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