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The Queens Arm, Edinburgh

A nice decorative spot to catch up with friends, watch football (or us Americans call it “soccer”), or grab a bite over some drinks. Since we’re in Scotland we decided to Scotch it up and ordered three different types of whiskys. (in Scotland whiskey is spelled without the “e”). My friend and I played a game, where we ordered a whiskey for each other and we had to smell and taste out the characteristics without looking at the menu. I am looking forward to more Scotch knowledge in the next few days.


The food here is good too. I had the Steak Sandwich and my friend got the Angus burger. The service was excellent. The staff were friendly and attentive and catered to all our needs. The only thing that would improved my dining experience is if they’d take steak temperature. I wish they’d wish how I wanted my steak because the meat came out too rare for my liking. Anyway, the food we ordered were palatable and we really liked it. Good quality pub food is hard to find, but we found it!



Location: 49 Frederick St, Edinburgh EH2 1EP

Cost: The food averaged from 10 to 15GBP. A glass of Glenlivet 18 was 5.50GBP, a bit under $7 dollars. Take advantage of the cheap Scotches while traveling to Scotland; I know once I get back to the States prices will never be the same. 🙁

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