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Teeling Distillery, Dublin

Teeling Distillery opened April of 2015. With that said, a lot of the aged whiskey used here for Teeling Whiskey mixes are purchased from other distilleries.

I decided to visit Teeling Distillery after trying one of their whiskeys at the Irish Whiskey Museum. I purchased the Teeling Trinity Tasting for €20 (there are tastings options available; more info listed later in the post). With this package, I get to taste three types of Teeling Whiskeys: Small Batch, Single Grain, and Single Malt.



Fermentation is taking place in these humongous wooden barrels.

Whatever tasting you end up choosing, it comes with a tour of the distillery. A Teeling staff will inform you on the stages of Scotch production. Unlike the Guinness Storehouse or the Jameson Distillery, Teeling Distillery shows you actual machinery used for the Scotch-making process. This means you can smell the malted barley in the air, and see life-sized fermentation barrels.


Teeling Trinity Tasting

Since this establishment is fairly new, it isn’t as busy compared to the Old Jameson Distillery or the Guinness Storehouse. My tour size was extremely small; it was just just three people, including my friend and I. This serves as an advantage because I could ask questions and the tour guide had so much time to explain in full detail.



€14 Teeling Tasting- Teeling Small Batch & Handcrafted Whiskey Cocktail

€20 Teeling Trinity Tasting- Teeling Small Batch, Single Grain, and Single Malt.

€30 Teeling Single Malt Tasting- Teeling Single Malt, The Revival Single Malt, and 21yo Single Malt


Location: 13-17 Newmarket, Dublin 8, Ireland


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