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The Scotch Whisky Experience, Edinburgh

At the Scotch Whisky Experience you’re first put into a big wooden barrel. This wooden barrel is a slow ride that guides you through the whisky-making process. This is their way to entertain visitors and to differentiate themselves from other distilleries, storehouse, or other similar experiences.

The tour guide will pick you up at the end of the ride and clarify any questions you may have as well as give you additional information. You’ll learn so much about four whiskey regions… Islay, Lowland, Highland, and Speyside. There is a scratch and sniff card that you’ll have to work with to smell out what main ingredient is used in what region- so much fun!


Then prepare yourself for the largest Scotch collection ever! This consists of 3,384 (correct me if I’m wrong) whisky bottles!!! Then the tasting begins… You get to pick one region that interests you the most and taste one of their whiskys- chose from Highland, Lowland, Speyside, Islay, and Campbeltown (campbeltown they didn’t talk much about). Depending on what tour you’ve purchased, you’ll have more whiskys waiting for you at the bar.

I enjoyed my time here. The gold tour included enough whisky to make me feel pretty good after, haha. You get to taste a Scotch from four regions. This was £17 ($24.50USD).

  1. Lowland Single Malt- Glenkinchie 12 year
    • notes: gentle, citrus, sweet
  2. Highland Single Malt- Aberfeldy 12 year
    • notes: honey, dry, light smoke
  3. Speyside Single Malt- Tomintoul 10 year
    • notes: raisins, caramel, citrus
  4. Islay Single Malt- Smokehead
    • notes: peaty, heavy smoke, seaweed

The only downside was the tour guide’s heavy accent. It was hard for me to comprehend since he was talking a bit too fast.



Location: 354 Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2NE, United Kingdom

Side notes: Different tours are available from £14.50 t0 £65.00 ($20.90-93.71USD). The more you pay the more you get out of the experience. Morning masterclasses are also offered here £60.00.


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