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Old Jameson Distillery, Dublin

Old Jameson Distillery gives you a very informative 50 minute tour about the history and the making of this particular Irish whiskey. Step by step, visitors will learn more about each process of whiskey making; malting, milling, mashing, distillation, maturation, and packaging. The tour guide will lead guests into different rooms where equipment or videos are shown, though the making of whiskey does not take place here.

If you are interested in seeing full-sized (and running) equipment, I’d recommend the Teeling Distillery, which I will talk about in a later post.


Right by the entrance of the distillery there is a bar. For those who arrived too early for tour, they have the option to have a drink while they wait.


Mashing process


Jameson Irish Whiskey is triple distilled.

After the absorbing all that whiskey knowledge, the distillery treats tourists with a little tasting. Three top selling whiskeys are provided, Scotch/Black Label, Irish/Jameson, and American/Jack Daniel’s. This session really helps you distinguish the difference between the three spirits. Definitely, and obviously, my favorite part of the tour.

If you’re into whiskeys then this is the place for you.


Taste test: Scotch vs. Irish vs. American


A handsome fella (meet TravelBae’s web developer) posing by the JJ&S logo after the tour.


Location: Bow St, Smithfield Village, Dublin 7

Cost: €16 for adults and €13 for students.

Side note: Order online for 10% off on adult tickets.

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