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Teeling Distillery, Dublin

Teeling Distillery opened April of 2015. With that said, a lot of the aged whiskey used here for Teeling Whiskey mixes are purchased from other distilleries. I decided to visit Teeling Distillery after trying one of their whiskeys at the Irish Whiskey Museum. I…

Europe Ireland

Guinness Storehouse, Dublin

Guinness Storehouse is another must-go attraction in Dublin, Ireland. Unlike the Irish Whiskey Museum and other distilleries here, people do not follow a tour guide during their visit. Instead, there are arrows all around to escort guests to experience the…

Europe Ireland

Irish Whiskey Museum, Dublin

The Irish Whiskey Museum tells visitors all about the its history. Like how distillation was discovered… when equipment used to make perfume were introduced to the Irish, they used it to make drinking alcohol instead since they weren’t so interested…

Europe Ireland

Old Jameson Distillery, Dublin

Old Jameson Distillery gives you a very informative 50 minute tour about the history and the making of this particular Irish whiskey. Step by step, visitors will learn more about each process of whiskey making; malting, milling, mashing, distillation, maturation, and packaging. The…