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A Look Inside Iceland’s Famous Geothermal Spa: The Blue Lagoon

Iceland is well known for its divine landscape with hot springs, volcanoes and lava fields. Thanks to my WOW Air flight with a 16 hour layover, I was able to make a stop at the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa in between. Due to the spa’s popularity, advance booking is required. Bookings are available from 7AM to 11PM everyday, but these time slots fill up fairly quickly. Reserving a spot at least two weeks in advance allows flexibility on time-selection. Prices vary throughout the day, it is cheaper as it gets closer to closing at 12AM. When booking a time, it is important to remember that in the summer, the sun sets for just a few hours while in the winter there is only a few hours of daylight.

Something else that should be pre-arranged is transportation. My hotel offered shuttles to the Blue Lagoon for $35 USD round trip, but they sold out when I tried to book it day of. Calling a taxi was a flat rate of $65 USD one way. I decided to test my luck and try to hop in a taxi on the street- it ended up costing $67 USD for an 18 minute ride. The price of my one-way transport to the Blue Lagoon was just $2 short of how much I paid for my entry. Lesson learned: book your transport in advance when in Iceland.

My bitterness from the expensive taxi ride was quickly forgotten once I arrived at the Blue Lagoon. As soon as I got off the taxi, I was greeted by a fascinating lava field. The walkway cuts through the field, which made me surrounded by lava remains every step I took. I’ve never seen anything like it before.


There are several packages to select from; I purchased the most basic one for $69 USD; this package includes the entry and mud mask.  You can pay an extra $20 for a towel, an algae mask (along with the mud mask), and a drink ticket. Check out the different packages here.

Once you get inside the changing room, it is suggested that you drown your hair in conditioner. The water at the Blue Lagoon is known to have high levels of Silica, which isn’t harmful to your hair but it makes it extremely rough and easily tangled. After your overload your hair with conditioner, it’s time to get in the water. The water has a charming icy blue color, and average 37–39 °C (99–102 °F) in temperature. Steam is visible to the eye and it adds a mystic, alluring effect to your photos…

If you’re a solo traveler like I was on this trip, do not worry about the difficulty of taking nice photo on your own. They have a worker on duty that helps visitors take photos on an ipad. The photos are then sent directly to your email.

Construction is currently going on and it is expected to be completed by the end of 2017. Although the construction in the background is visible in certain angles, it didn’t significantly impact my trip.

I love the design of the bar in the Blue Lagoon because it is located within the water. Visitors do not need to step outside to get a drink, which I thought was brilliant. From the design to the color schemes, it is truly a relaxing place to be… Everything here is white, grey, or charcoal in color, making it soothing to the eye and calming to your soul.

Have you visited the Blue Lagoon before? Share your experience with us and comment below!



Address: Nordurljosavegur 9, 240 Grindavík, Iceland

Visit their main page here.

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