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Find the Sweetest German Souvenirs… Visit HARIBO Factory in Solingen, Germany

For those who love gummie-candies visiting Solingen in Germany, they can find make a stop at the HARIBO Factory. HARIBO produces numerous types of candies, particularly known for their gummy bears and licorice. In front of the factory is a shop where a wide selection of candies can be purchased… find gummies in various shapes, colors, and sizes, as well as many kinds of licorice. HARIBO products have a huge presence in European and American markets. There are two options, grab a bag and pick-your-own, or buy the already packaged ones.

This is the perfect place for souvenirs!


“I’ll take you to the Candy Shop.”


There are so any kinds of gummies to choose from! A standard bag of gummy bears costs around 0,82 € (aprox. $0.90USD). A delicious and affordable souvenir to bring home from Germany!


Location: Wuppertaler Str. 76, 42653 Solingen

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