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Walk Through the Ancient Citadel of Greece… Visit the Acropolis of Athens

At the peak of the mighty hills in Athens is the Acropolis… which holds historic significance to the people of Greece. There is so much to learn about its history, which could be done at a nearby location- The Acropolis Museum (more info on the next blog post about this). For 12€, you can get yourself a ticket to enter the gated citadel and witness its beauty up high. The scenery from here is simply phenomenal; you have full access to the ancient little fortress as well as the 360 degree view of Athens.




Among the many ancient buildings up top, the one that stands out most is the Parthenon- a temple dedicated to Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom. There is an on-going project to restore the structures due to several damages in past events like a major fire, religious/structural conversions, and war destruction. Fragile and important parts of the building could be found at the Acropolis Museum. 



Cost: The entrance to the Acropolis is 12 Euros for adults, and students in Europe can enter for free- so my New York student ID didn’t get me a discount this time.

Hours of Operation: The Acropolis is open everyday from 8am to 8pm. I would suggest not to wait until the final day of your stay to visit, because I went two days in a row and it was closed for maintenance. Better safe than sorry!

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