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Et Kabüffke, Düsseldorf

The ambiance of Et Kabüffke is very unique. There are dated and elaborate designs on the wall and ceiling in dull colors. A sophisticated chandelier of an angel holding torches dangles gracefully from the ceiling. There aren’t too many seats by the…

Europe Germany

Takumi, Düsseldorf

Takumi is a popular Japanese ramen house in Düsseldorf. I went around 2pm on a Wednesday and there was a long line outside the door. For a party of 3 we waited around 40 minutes. I ordered a set menu with miso…

Europe Germany

Wheel of Vision, Düsseldorf

This ferris wheel is a temporary attraction in Düsseldorf. October 23rd, 2015 was the grand opening day, and the wheel will continue to operate until January 10th, 2016. From the ride you can see the Rhine river, Rhine Tower, the Rheinknie Bridge, and the surrounding…