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Et Kabüffke, Düsseldorf

The ambiance of Et Kabüffke is very unique. There are dated and elaborate designs on the wall and ceiling in dull colors. A sophisticated chandelier of an angel holding torches dangles gracefully from the ceiling. There aren’t too many seats by the bar, and a narrow little spiral stairway leads guests up to another level of intimacy- there is a very limited area on the upper floor… possibly 1/3 the size of the ground level. But mood of the bar brings visitors back to the old ages, and it’s a very laid back place to hang around with some good friends over a drink or two… or three or four or five.

This is also the place where I tried Killepitsch for the very first time- invented and produced here in Düsseldorf. This dark red/purple (hard to tell due to lighting in the bar) herbal German liqueur is 42% in alcohol, and tasted very sweet/syrupy. It just wasn’t my cup of tea (liquor, in this case)… I’m not a fan of the taste but it was worth the try!



Location: Flinger Str. 1, 40213 Düsseldorf, Germany

Cost: Aprox. €4 per shot

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