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Choose a Luxury Stay at One of Edinburgh’s Finest Boutique Hotels

Around 15 minutes walk from the city center of Edinburgh is the Channings Hotel. The staff here are welcoming and helpful. Nice little rooms with daily room service. The room includes free wifi, breakfast, toiletries, coffee, and TV. My bathroom had a full bath tub and a shower- the cleanliness of the hotel is excellent, so guests can take baths and feel at ease.


Gorgeous lobby

Every morning there is a full service breakfast buffet- with various breads, spreads, cheese, jam, cereal, and more. A selection of cold cuts and Scottish porridge are available upon request.

Overall, this hotel was very affordable for its cleanliness, service, and its amenities. This location is close to multiple bus lines for those that don’t want to walk 15-30 minutes to reach attractions.




Location: S Learmonth Gardens, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH4 1EZ, Wielka Brytania

Cost(mid January 2016): Aprox. $65 dollars/ night. Breakfast included.

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