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Cafe Louvre, Prague

Cafe Louvre gives you two options after you walk up a flight of stairs from its entrance; restaurant or cafe? Since my companion and I were hungry, we decided to check out what there is to offer for dinner. The service was excellent; it was a fine-dining environment and our waiter was very professional. The restaurant was almost full and there was only two waiters I believe, so at some point it was hard to get the waiter’s attention. Regardless, I think he did a wonderful job.

The ambiance of the place was modern-classic (if this makes any sense). The walls displayed many artsy posters, and the restaurant was dimmed. Each table had a nice center piece with candlelight; a great place for a romantic dinner or just to chat up with friends over a bottle of wine.


Salmon tar tar


Duck liver pâté


To start things off, I ordered two appetizers for the table, Salmon Tar Tar and the Duck Liver Pâté. I also ordered a Chivas Regal Scotch blend while my friend ordered a bottle of red wine. We were given a complimentary bread basket with three different types of bread. Not too long after our appetizers were placed on the table. Both of the starters were cold dishes and I really enjoyed them with the cute plating and fun tastes.

For our main course I ordered the Lamb Sirloin and my friend got the Spatzle with onions, mushrooms, and bacon. My lamb sirloin came with potato gnocchi, and bacon wrapped asparagus. It was simply delectable.


Spatzle with mushrooms, onions, and bacon


Lamb sirloin with potato gnocchi and bacon wrapped asparagus

Location: Národní 22, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

Cost: For all that we ordered… 2 appetizers, a bottle of wine, a whiskey, and 2 entrees were all less than $50 even after a 18% service tip.

Side note: Jazz club and other bars right next door for after dinner activities.

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