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Cafe Ferber, Gdansk

For a nicely decorated place to enjoy a cup of cappuccino or just a place to have lunch/dinner, Cafe Ferber may be your choice. This red-themed cafe is decked out with modern lights but classical paintings.


For drinks, I got a blueberry and yogurt milkshake 13zl (aprox. $3.25USD) and my friend got himself a cappuccino. We decided to have lunch here as well. In the pictures below is a lamb burger and a “Zurek”. A Zurek is a sour rye soup, a known Polish dish served in a bread bowl.


The lamb burger didn’t impress me. The burger buns were way too hard and not appetizing. The meat was dry and I just wasn’t a fan. The soup on the other hand was very interesting. The bread was really good and it went very well with the soup. The taste of the soup is hard to describe, I’ve ever had anything like it so it took me some time to register the flavors. It’s not something I would eat on the daily but I enjoyed it a lot.

Location:Β DΕ‚uga 77/78, GdaΕ„sk

Cost: Soup was around $4.50USD, and the burger was $7-8USD.

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