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Bernard Piwiarnia Restauracja, Wroclaw

This restaurant can be found right in the Old Town Square of Wroclaw. The seating was comfortable; my friend and I were sat at a table with mini armchairs. Lights are dimmed and I saw a lot of couples here dining.

My friend ordered a whiskey sour with egg white, and he complained that he could barely tasted the whiskey. Meanwhile I had the Honey Bernard, and this was made with light beer, Jim Beam, honey, apple juice and bitters. To my surprise the beverage was hot when it arrived. I’ve never had warm beer before! I really enjoyed the beverage. It was light and easy to drink, and I can taste my whiskey. It was perfect to keep warm in this crazy cold winter.



To start our meal with ordered nachos. The nachos are topped with cheese and comes with a mini side of salsa and guac. The chips were crispy and well seasoned, the salsa and guac were great. The only problem I had with this was the cheese used hardens too quickly. It lacks the gooey-ness that nacho cheese should have. In result, the cheese was only available to the very top layer of chips.


For the main course I ordered the Bernard Wife’s Platter. This comes with chicken fillet, duck fillet, sliced potatoes, pasta, vegetables, and special sauces. The special sauces were baked pumpkin ketchup and dijon mustard with raisins. The chefs did really good with this one. So many pleasant and unique flavors in this platter. The chicken fillet stood out because it was breaded with little white and yellow seeds- I wish I knew the name of them, haha.



We ended our meal with a slice of carrot cake. Probably the most legit carrot cake I’ve ever had… It tasted so fresh and I loved the coconut flakes that were places on the edge of the cake. I really liked it.

The main courses ranged from $9-20USD. My large drink was less then $4USD, and the nachos were around $5.75USD. The platter was aprox. $20.50USD.



Location:Β 35 Rynek , Wroclaw 50 102 , Poland

Cost: Mid-range


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