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What it’s like to Stay at One of Japan’s Infamous Love Hotels

For my family trip to Osaka, Japan, we originally planned to stay at a luxury hotel in the city center. Due to miscommunication, we found out our reservation was canceled last minute. By that time, 90% of the hotels in the area were fully booked. I was in charge of finding another hotel and booking the rooms. After distance and price filtering we decided to stay at the Hotel Olive Sakai.

When I made the reservations on Expedia, nowhere did it inform me that this was a rated-X property. Now if you book with Expedia, it will state that only adults are allowed. It didn’t take me too long to figure out that I was in one of Japan’s infamous Love Hotels! The perfect place to “hit it and quit it”, haha. There were multiple things that stood out to me here…

1. Lingerie Vending Machine. Next to the front desk was a lingerie vending machine. It offered various seductive-wear. I didn’t want to take a picture with the front desk agent was present, so I went straight to my room after receiving my room keys.

2. Provocative Anime Slot Machine. There was a slot machine in my room next to a karaoke machine. How cool is that? Maybe I would’ve used it if the machine wasn’t covered in half-naked female anime characters. This machine accepted cash only.

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3. Delivery Menus of Cos Play. Don’t worry if you couldn’t find anything of your interest at the vending machine down at the lobby, because there are more options in the room. There are delivery menus of cos play found on the table in the living area. Not only can you order bento boxes if you’re hungry, you can also have a “sexy teacher” cos play delivered to your door.

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4. Hourly Rates. The huge sign by the entrance stated its hourly rates in Japanese (which we didn’t notice until my sister who studied Japanese saw it). Unfortunately for those interested in the hourly rates, that option seems unavailable on Expedia- you can only book full nights there.

5. Built-In Vibrators and Free Condom. The most scandalous room amenity I’ve ever witnessed… a public vibrator! My younger sister thought it was the mic to the karaoke; thank God she had no intention of using the karaoke machine OR THE MIC.


So imagine how awkward and petrified I felt walking into this room with my whole family. “Melody, what kind of hotel did you take us to?!” This turned out to the one of the craziest and most disturbingly-memorable hotel experiences of a lifetime for the Fong and Hung family.

Besides all the funky amenities, the hotel rooms are very spacious. They all offer a decent-sized living area within the studio. The bathroom offered a huge bathtub Jacuzzi (that no one in the family dared to use), and it can comfortably fit around three people. Showers are available as well.


Location: Japan, 〒592-8333 Osaka Prefecture, Sakai, Nishi Ward, Hamadera Ishizuchonishi, 1丁1−9

Cost: $100 USD/ per night

Side Note: Free internet; free parking.

Book on Expedia:

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