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Street Food of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Some of the best (and most interesting) food I’ve had in Ho Chi Minh City was purchased off the streets. Food stands can be found on the streets any time of the day. After a few cocktails late night, I decided to pick up a meal at food carts near my hotel.

I stumbled upon a chow mein (stir-fried noodles) stand where I got a beef chow mein. It was made on the spot. The woman stir-fried garlic, sliced beef, scallions, etc., before squeezing a lot of spicy chili sauce onto the noodles. There was so much flavor in the noodles with various fragrant spices/ingredients. This was so delicious but I would only recommend this to those with a strong stomach.


Then I stopped by a sandwich cart and got a Banh Mi sandwich- which is a popular Vietnamese sandwich served with baguette, pickled veggies, and marinated meats. My sandwich was wrapped and served in newspaper– which was kinda gross but fascinating. Food packaging in Vietnam is super funky- I love it. I’ve ordered take out in Vietnam and my soup was served in a plastic bag with a rubber band to secure the liquids… take-away coffee is often served this way as well.

Cost of Chow Mein: 30,000 Viet Dong/ Aprox. $1.35 dollars

Cost of Sandwich: $20,000 Viet Dong/ Aprox. $0.90 dollars


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