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Stay a Night & Snorkel at Pulau Umang Island for Less than $80 in Serang, Indonesia

Pulau Umang Island is a fun little getaway for people visiting Jakarta. Drive up to the designated location for parking and pick up. Then staff will gather your luggage and lead you to a short boat ride that takes you to the island. Visitors stay in wooden cabins and have access to various activities.


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Activities include but not limited to, fishing, banana boating, donut boating, snorkeling, and more- these come with additional charges. Some free amenities to take advantage of is the swimming pool, table tennis, pool table, and seating on the beach all around the island for guests to catch the sunrise or sunset.

I went snorkeling for the first time of my life here in Umang. As a person that don’t know how to swim, I felt very safe thanks to the attentive workers that guide you along the way. The staff showed me all the spots to find pink coral, and a whole lot of exotic and magnificent fish species in the waters.

Walking along the beach I even saw a Komodo Dragon hanging around. Such a majestic creature wondering freely- before this I’ve only seen a Komodo Dragon from behind a glass in Bronx Zoo. Side note: Just be mindful and don’t get too close, they’re kinda dangerous.
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Certain meals are included with your night stay. The food served here is very tasty- since you’re in Indonesia, expect Indonesian cuisine. Enjoy fresh coconuts right off the tree!


Location: Desa Sumur, Ujung Kulon Sumur, Kabupaten Pandeglang, Banten 42284, Indonesia

Cost: I spent a night at the resort, went snorkeling, donut boating, and I only spend around $76 US dollars.

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