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What to Expect at a Ping Pong Show In Bangkok

PatPong Market Entrance

When visiting Bangkok, Thailand, going to a ping pong show may mischievously be on your to-do list. As a person that was super uncomfortable and terrified during the show, I want to share my experience so you know what you are getting yourself into and know what to expect. I knew the show was going to be sexual… but if you think you’d be seated comfortably in a theater-like setting like I did- you are so wrong.

  1. Ping Pong shows usually take place in shady areas. The area I went to was called PatPong, where the whole street is filled with street vendors, strip clubs, naughty bars, and ping pong shows. Women with minimal clothing stand by the entrance to try to lure you inside their business, and men on the street promote the lists of “special talent” that their ping pong show offers.
  2. Expect to be scammed. People in this business aren’t the most honest people. When they tell you it’s a certain price, prepare for hidden fees that you were not informed of. Thankfully these shows are usually only around $10 dollars, and the whole experience shouldn’t cost you too much even if you’re forced to buy drinks or tip the ladies.
  3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The age range for the lady workers varies. For the show I attended, the performers were in their late 30’s-40’s. There were beautiful young ladies working on the stripper poles on the side, maybe it just takes years of practice to master the crazy Ping Pong tricks?
Supper Pussy Ping Pong Show Bar

Super Pussy, a place on PatPong Market, Bangkok to watch Ping Pong Shows.

So what exactly can you witness at an infamous Ping Pong Show? Instead of a theater-like setting that I had imagined, I was led upstairs into a smokey, dirty, worn-out bar/lounge area where there was a large rectangular stage in the center. My girlfriends and I were seated in front of the stage, and were given a complimentary beer served in plastic cups (I was afraid to drink it). Here is a list of tricks performed at “Super Pussy” of PatPong.

  • Popping bottle caps off of sparking water
  • Writing with marker
  • Smoking a cigarette
  • Shooting ping pong balls
  • Shooting darts and popping balloons
  • Pulling silly strings
  • Using chopsticks to place cane rack rings into designated area

All these were done by women using their vagina. I was terrified because ping pong balls were flying at my direction, hitting the wall behind me as I dodged them. Nonetheless, this ended up being one of the most interesting events of my stay in Thailand.



Location: Bang Rak, Bangkok, Thailand

Cost: 300 baht per person for the show and a free beer.

Hidden fees: After each act the performer walks around demanding tips.

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