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Hotel Recommendation in Dubai, The Nassima Royal Hotel

During my two-day stay at the Nassima Royal Hotel, I woke up every morning to a jaw-dropping view. I simply cannot get over how beautiful the scene was outside of my window both day and night- that alone made me fall in love with the hotel in such a short period of time.

I stayed on the 30th floor in one of the corner rooms. From my window I can see the Burj Khalifa and many more of Dubai’s famous architecture. The bedroom and bathroom were spacey and modernized; buttons are available to open and close curtains in both rooms. The bathroom has huge windows as well and you can bathe (or use the toilet) to a cute little scenery of Dubai local houses.





There is an outdoor pool on the 7th floor. The pool is decent, not as luxurious as the rest of the hotel but it was good enough for cute photos. There is a small Jacuzzi and tanning areas next to the pool as well.

Breakfast was included with my room payment. From early morning to 10:30am, guests can enjoy a wide selection of food. There was a vegetarian sushi, salad, and omelette station- then there were the typical bread, waffles, pancakes, sauteed mushrooms, and steamed veggies. Other foods that stood out to me were Indian Dal, veggie curry, chicken soup, rice, and much more.


Overall, the hotel exceeded my expectation as I only paid $150 per night for a double bedroom. This price is very reasonable for a five-star property in Dubai.


Side Note: The Movida night club is located right behind the hotel. Tell the front desk if you’re interested and they can be able to put you on the guest list. That way you can’t avoid the entrance fee!

Location: Plot 49 Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre District – United Arab Emirates

Cost: $150/per night

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