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The Best View of Hong Kong, The Peak

To see a nice view of Hong Kong Island from the mo

untain top, many tourists and locals would visit The Peak (also known as Mount Austin). There are multiple ways to get up there. Vans, buses, and taxis are available options, but the most popular one would be The Peak Tram. There are shopping complexes with restaurants, shops, and museums. Visit the Sky Terrace 428 for $48 HKD, and then you’ll gain access to a 360 view at the highest view point of Hong Kong.





Cost of Tram Ride: $71 HKD (aprox. $9.16 USD) Adult Single Ride/ $83 HKD (aprox. $10.70) Return Ticket; Child Single Ticket $33 HKD (aprox. $4.26)/ Return Ticket $40 HKD (aprox. $5.16)

How to get to The Peak:

More Information: or

Travel Tip: As you can see, the photos in this post are a bit dull. Check the weather and plan to go at a day and time where the sun is shining. Unfortunately, it was cloudy and foggy when I visited the peak.

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