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Try the World’s Stinkiest Fruit in a Hut- Visit Durian Jatohan Haji Arif of Indonesia

Pull up into the driveway and be greeted by the pungent smell of the “King of Fruits”. In Banten, Serang, is the Durian Jatohan Haji Arif… where various types of durian are waiting to be tasted.

1. First thing’s first… what is Durian? Originated from Malaysia and Indonesia, durian is known for their powerful smell and strong taste. Covered in thick thorns, it is an irregularly round and greenish-brown fruit. Split open its thick, thorny skin and find pale yellow edible flesh with a distinctive and penetrating odor. Due to its long lasting stink, this fruit has been banned in many hotel operations and transportation system in numerous countries of Asia.

With its distinguishing aroma, some suggests that durian has a delightful fragrance while others relate its smell to cat feces, vomit, or garbage. Its flesh is soft, and the taste varies depending on the type of durian chosen. It typically has sweet and rotten notes that make people hesitant to try it.

2. Durian Jatohan Haji Arif is a famous rustic durian hut. The hut is built out of wooden and gives the place a traditional and unsophisticated feel. Visitors can choose to eat at a table- or a spacey wooden platform that serves as both the table and seating area (no shoes allowed). The overwhelming smell of durian fills the open air. Smoking is permitted.



3. Gather your courage and try the world’s stinkiest fruit. There are many ways to eat durian. Since durian is typically sweet, it is most common to find it made as a dessert. Some examples would be durian pancakes, durian sweet soup, durian ice cream, and many more! Although the best way to try durian for the first time is having it fresh and by itself- to register its unique taste and find out whether to love it or hate it. There are other food options available here at the hut, like fried tofu, and Indonesian rice wraps made with banana leaf.


Durian pancakes are very popular in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The outer pancake skin is made with flour, eggs, and coconut milk, and the inside is filled with whipped cream and mashed durian.


Eating on the wooden platform was interesting and fun.


Rice wraps and fried tofu.

4. Record new tasters’ reactions! Often times, people that try durian for the first time would express some immensely funny reactions. Just seeing the faces of a few friends smelling the fruit is already ridiculously entertaining… not everyone can handle the funky taste of durian! Can you?


Eating on the wooden platform was an experience of a lifetime. I can’t find anything like this in New York.



Location: JL. Raya Serang – Pandeglang, km 14, Baros, Serang, Indonesia

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