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February 2016

Europe Poland

The Best Duck Breast in Gdansk, Poland

Prologue is rated #1 on TripAdvisor of restaurants in Gdansk. Service here was excellent. I was greeted by a young male waiter who offered to take my coat before I got seated. The design of the interior is very homey. Filled with bricks and greens,…

Asia United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi Heritage Village

Step inside the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village and get a feel of the traditional UAE lifestyle. The village showcases old fashioned houses and shops. Old writings, currency, and clothing could be found in the museum within the village. You can…

Asia United Arab Emirates

Arabian Nights Village, Abu Dhabi

Experience a day at the desert at the Arabian Nights Village. Visitors can choose to attend a half-day or overnight safari for different prices. Various activities are included along with the booking prices, like dune dashing in a 4×4, swimming pool, camel…

Asia Japan

Save Money While Visiting Osaka and get the Osaka Pass!

For just 3,000 yen, or $25USD, you can have access to twenty-eight attractions all over Osaka in two days. Benefits also included discounts in 16 other sightseeing facilities, and 41 shopping centers/restaurants! This pass also gives you unlimited access to…

Europe Scotland

The Scotch Whisky Experience, Edinburgh

At the Scotch Whisky Experience you’re first put into a big wooden barrel. This wooden barrel is a slow ride that guides you through the whisky-making process. This is their way to entertain visitors and to differentiate themselves from…